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2021 Gatherings

Thursday's, 3rd June, and the 2nd September

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AMPP Project

To apply for enrollment for the AMPP project you first need to create a profile on this website (if you do not already have one). You will find the AMPP section near the bottom of your profile page. Please fill in the details and click the save button to finish. Once we have received notification of your enrollment we will advise you of the  two MP's that have been allocated to you for prayer. We will also give your details to your Prayer Province Promoter. Here are the four points that you need to agree to before enrolling for AMPP project.

  • You have studied and agree with the Vision and action Statement of AMPP
  • On the prayer passion scale from (1-low to 10-high) you assess yourself to be 5 and over
  • You are committed yourself to pray for the full three year term of Parliament. We will allow you to withdraw at the end of each calendar year (31st December)
  • You will engage in quality praying which has five characteristics:
    • Consistent (regularly)
    • Frequent (often)
    • Fervent (with Passion)
    • Relevant (sufficient information about the MP's)
    • Discreet (not boasting about which MP's you have been allocated, especially if they hold a high position)
Vision and Action Q & A

Question 1 : What does AMPP stand for?

Answer :  It is an Acronym for – Adopt MPs for Prayer


Question 2 : What are its Characteristics (features)?

Answer : 

  • Simple
  • Sustainable
  • Supple
  • Supplication Scheme for
  • Servants (who are Members of Parliament)


Question 3 : What is the Focus of AMPP?

Answer : 

  • The Focus of P.I.E.V.E. Project – Pray (be) Informed, Enroll, Vote, Encourage others, was mobilising people to VOTE prayerfully, intelligently and strategically (direction: horizontal)
  • The Focus of the AMPP project is praying for MPs now in Parliament, direction: vertical.
  • This is a nation-wide, politically non-partisan and interdenominational project.


Question 4 : Why do we need this?

Answer : Paul uses the term “Servant of God” in two senses:

  • As a devout Christian who is serving in a spiritual area eg a minister of the gospel (Romans 1:1-2 and Titus 1:1-2).
  • As a person whether Christian or not who is serving in a God-ordained function eg, a politician: (Romans 13:1-7).

In Romans 13:1-7 those who govern are called ‘servants of God’ 3 times. They are described as servants of God not necessarily because they are Christians, most of them were not, but because they fulfill a God-ordained function for the promotion of good and the restraint of evil. In 1 Tim 2:1-2 The Apostle Paul urges us “first of all that petitions be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority….” Parliament is the highest human authority in New Zealand.  The legislation Members of Parliament pass whether good or bad affects every man woman and child in the nation (see book of Esther: Mordecai vs Haman). For a more detailed explanation of a Christian’s civic responsibilities read my article on ‘God, Gospel & Government –


Question 5 : How can we put 1 Tim 2:1-2 into Practice?

Answer : One of the ways we can implement this exhortation is through AMPP Project. AMPP is a way to pray for every member of Parliament.  In the present parliament there are 120 MPs.  Every MP is a servant of God in a Romans 13 sense.

  • Whether they are MPs of the Christian Faith (of course we should pray specially for them, Gal 6:10).
  • Whether they are MPs of other Faiths
  • Whether they are MPs of no Faith
  • Whether they are conscious of the fact they are servants of God or even want to acknowledge that they are servants of God
  • Whether they are from your preferred political party or not
  • Whether they were your preferred candidates or not
  • Whether you personally like them or not

The present MPs are the ones who were either elected or gained entry to Parliament through the party list rankings in the last election. At the next Election you will have another opportunity to vote for your preferred party and candidates if you were disappointed with some of the last election results.


Q6 : How will AMPP Work?

Answer : First of all, please note the following terms used in this project:

  • Prayer Promoter is a Christian Leader appointed to supervise and co-ordinate AMPP in a particular geographical area, a prayer province.
  • Prayer Partner is a Christian person who adopts two MPs for prayer.
  • Prayer Province a geographical area where both electorate and list MPs are based.
  • Prayer Passion Scale 1 (low) to 10 (high), a prayer partner has to be 5 and over on this scale

Prayer Promoters
New Zealand will be divided geographically into 9 Prayer Provinces each with its own prayer promoter who will promote AMPP in their assigned province consisting of about 15 MPs. A list of Prayer Promoters will be posted on this website when it has been finalised.

Their brief is as follows:

  • You are passionate about Prayer
  • You will be given a list of Electorate MPs and List MPs that are within your Prayer Province.
  • You or the office will then contact Prayer Partners in your Prayer Province.
  • You are to promote the vision and values of AMPP and ensure every MP allocated to you is being prayed for regularly.

Prayer Partners
Each prayer partner will adopt two MPs for Prayer.

  • Your own Electorate MP because he or she represents you in Parliament.
  • A List MP who is based in a city or town near you.  List MPs are chosen from the party list:
  Electorate MPs 71
  List MPs 49
  Total 120





Q7 : What do I do if I want to participate in AMPP?

Answer :

  • If you do not yet have a profile on our website please create one at: 
  • If you already have a profile on our website please login and complete the additional AMPP details at the bottom of your profile page
  • It is entirely voluntary but if you want to become a prayer partner you will need to commit to praying faithfully for the two MPs you adopt: (1) Your own electorate MP and (2) List MP assigned to you
  • Please contact the website administrator or your Prayer Promoter if you have any questions. They in turn will be in contact with you from time to time. We will not overload you with information rather we will simply refer you to where you can find relevant Information to enable you to pray intelligently. AMPP is a largely decentralised project to keep the organisation at a minimal level.
  • The Vision will remain the same: a laser-focus on praying for all MPs but the administrative Process will be streamlined as we progress.
  • To be elegible to be a prayer partner they must 1) be 5 and over on the prayer passion scale (on a scale of 1-10).
  • They must committ for the term of Parliament of three years, however we will allow anyone to withdraw after 1 full year.
  • The quality of praying has these characteristics
    • a) Consistent (regularly)
    • b) Frequent (often)
    • c) Fervent (with Passion)
    • d) Relevant (sufficient information about the MP's)
    • e) Discreet (not boasting about which MP's you have been allocated, especially if they hold a high position)


Q8 : How can I find out more about MPs assigned to me?

Answer :

  • Electorate MP - All have Electorate offices, please contact them.
  • List MP - Please contact them through Parliament 04 471 9999 and some do have offices where they are based.
  • Check these resources


Q9 : What do I need to Pray For?

Answer : Two Categories

  • MP as a Person
    • Pray for him/her and his/her family
    • Health
    • The Lord will keep their marriage and family strong
    • MPs will make a positive contribution during their time in Parliament
    • Other matters
  • MPs and Particular Issues
    • We will advise you on any major issues to be prayed for.


Q10 : How long and how frequently will I need to Pray for the two MPs?

Answer :

  • We suggest that you pray for them a minimum of twice a month leading up to weekly. This is a guideline only.
  • Pray for the term of the Parliament which is 3 years
  • All things being equal your Electorate MPs will hold that position for the term of Parliament (3 years) so should pray for him/her for 3 years.
  • Your List MP – Pray for him/her also for the term for Parliament – 3 years.
  • Our preferance is that you will continue to pray for the full term of parliament, however, should you wish to withdraw you may do so on the 31st December each year (Withdrawal Date)
  • Remember your ministry is voluntary. If after a year you cannot sustain it you can withdraw but you must notify the AMPP office by email. We will then advise your Prayer Promoter. The reason for notifying is to ensure that no MP is without a Prayer Partner.


Q11 : How can I promote AMPP Vision?

Answer : 

  • Be committed, you cannot convince another authentically unless you are convinced first.
  • Contact People you know who are :
    • Passionate about prayer
    • And willing to be part of AMPP project

We are interested in quality of the praying first and then quantity of the pray-ers!

  • It is voluntary
  • No one will be pressurised to join. We want the project to be sustainable
  • No one will be overwhelmed with too many MPs to pray for
  • No one will be overloaded with information


We want people who are passionate about prayer and who are passionate about praying For Members of Parliament.  From little acorns great oak trees grow!

Jesus has called his followers

  • You are the salt of the earth
  • you are the light of the world (Matt 5:13-16)

Jesus also said in his high priestly prayer “They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world (John 17:15-19)

We are different to make a world of difference!

  • The Church has a Priestly ministry : we speak to God for people (Vertical) 
  • The Church has a Prophetic ministry : we speak to people for God (Horizontal)



Pastor Rasik Ranchord
National Director of AMPP
Convener of Prayer at Parliament

Prayer Provinces

Whangarei - Promoter is Ps Ron Brewer

Electorates Electorate MPs
Te Tai Tokerau
East Coast Bay
North Shore
Matt King
Kelvin Davis
Shane Reti
Mark Mitchell
Chris Penk
Erica Stanford
Maggie Barry

Auckland North - Promoter is Ps Jason An

Electorates Electorate MPs
Upper Harbour
Te Atatu
Auckland Central
Mt Albert
Mt Roskill
New Lynn
Paula Bennett
TBA (June)
Phil Twyford
Carmel Sepuloni
Nikki Kaye
David Seymour
Jacinda Ardern
Michael Wood
Deborah Russell

Auckland South - Promoter is Ps Stephen Miller

Electorates Electorate MPs
Tamaki Makaurau
Simon O' Connor
Peni Henare
Simeon Brown
Denise Lee
Jamie-Lee Ross
Jenny Salesa
Aupito William Sio
Louisa Wall
Judith Collins

Hamilton - Promoter is Sue Rowe

Electorates Electorate MPs
Hamilton East
Hamilton West
Andy Bayly
Scott Simpson
Nanaia Mahuta
Tim van de Molen
David Bennett
Tim Macindoe

Tauranga - Promoter is Ps Mike Cullen

Electorates Electorate MPs
Bay of Plenty
East Coast
Tamati Coffey
Todd Muller
Simon Bridges
Toddy McClay
Louise Upton
Anne Tolley
Stuart Nash

Palmerston North - Promoter is Ps Paul White

Electorates Electorate MPs
Taranaki - King Country
Te Tai Hauauru
New Plymouth
Palmerston North
Barbara Kruger
Adrian Rurawhe
Jonathon Young
Harete Hipango
Ian McKelvie
Iain Lees-Galloway
Nathan Guy
Lawrence Yule
Meka Whaitri
Alastair Scott

Wellington - Promoter is Ps Stefan Schlogl and Ps Rudy Oversluizen

Electorates Electorate MPs
Wellington Central
Hutt South
Kris Faa-foi
Greg O'Connor
Grant Robertson
Paul Eagle
Chris Bishop
Chris Hipkins

Christchurch - Promoter is Ps Wayne and Sally Curham

Electorates Electorate MPs
West-Coast Tasman
Christchurch East
Christchurch Central
Port Hills
Nick Smith
Stuart Smith
Damien O'Connor
Matt Doocey
Amy Adams
Poto Williams
Duncan Webb
Gerry Brownlee
Megan Woods
Ruth Dyson

Dunedin - Promoter is Ps Edward Hutchison

Electorates Electorate MPs
Dunedin North
Dunedin South
TeTai Tonga
Andrew Falloon
Jacqui Dean
David Clark
Clare Curran
Hamish Walker
Sarah Dowie
Rino Tirikatene

List MP's are allocated sequentially to ensure every MP is prayed for

List MPs List MPs
Agnes Loheni
A Kanongata'a-Suisuiki
Alfren Ngaro
Andrew Little
Angie Warren-Clark
Brett Hudson
Chloe Swarbrick
Clayton Mitchell
Darroch Ball
David Carter
David Parker
Eugenie Sage
Fletcher Tabuteau
Gareth Hughes
Ghahraman Golriz
James Shaw
Jamie Strange
Jan Logie
Jan Tinetti
Jenny Marcroft
Jian Yang
Jo Luxton
Joanne Hayes
Julie Anne Genter
Kanwaljit S Bakshi

Kieran McAnulty
Kiritapu Allen
Liz Craig
Marama Davidson
Marja Lubeck
Mark Patterson
Maureen Pugh
Melissa Lee
Michael Woodhouse
Nicky Wagner
Nicola Willis
Parmjeet Parmar
Paulo Garcia
Paul Goldsmith
Priyanca Radhakrishnan
Raymond Huo
Ron Mark
Shane Jones
Tracey Martin
Trevor Mallard
Virginia Andersen
Willie Jackson
Winston Peters
WJ Prime

About Rasik Ranchord

Rasik PhotoAMPP National Director, Background Information.

  • He is married to Lalita, has three married children and nine grandchildren
  • Rasik has been a Christian Minister for 50 years
  • Author of "Dare To Be A Disciple", a text book (266 pages) on authentic disciple making. It has been used by churches of many denominations in many parts of the world
  • Founder and convenor of Prayer at Parliament
  • Ministry to Members of Parliament
  • A Bible Teacher who has ministered interdenominationally around the world 
  • Former president of the New Zealand Bible Society
  • A survivor of the Wahine disaster 1968, the worst maritime disaster in the history of NZ
  • Spokesperson on public issues for New Life Churchers International
  • Founder (with lalita) of Abundant Life Church Wellington, now an itinerant minister
  • His ministry has always been across the whole body of Christ
  • Studied at Auckland and Canterbury Universities. BCom (Economics)